Toshiba launches 6TB enterprise HDD range

Toshiba's new range of hard disk drives includes 6TB of storage with a 12Gbit/s transfer rate.


Toshiba has launched a new range of hard disk drives suitable for the data-driven enterprise.

Announced on Thursday, the Minato, Tokyo-based firm said 6TB SATA and SAS models have been added to the MG04 3.5-inch form factor enterprise capacity class HDD series. An upgraded SAS interface gives the HDD models transfer rates of up to 12Gbit/s for 6TB, 5TB, 4TB and 2TB HDDs.

Toshiba says the new MG04 series 6TB models offer a 50 percent increase in max capacity based on the previous generation MG03 4TB models, and roughly a 30 percent improvement in sustained data rate. The new HDD models support both industry-standard 4K native and 512e Advanced Format sector technologies. In addition, the company says the 6TB MG04 HDDs are suitable for use in legacy applications requiring 512 sector lengths using aligned-write environments.

Both the 6TB MG04ACA and MG04SCA models offer persistent write cache technologies, which is designed to protect against data loss in the case of power failure. Model options supporting SAS and SATA commands to enable sanitize "instant" cryptographic erase functions are also available.

Sample shipments will begin early next year.

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