Toshiba launches new solid state hybrid drive series

Toshiba's SSHD range features second-generation NAND flash memory to improve performance levels.


Toshiba has launched a new SSHD range suitable for high-performance PCs.

Announced on Wednesday, the Tokyo-based firm said its new solid state hybrid drive (SSHD) series are equipped with Toshiba's 19nm second-generation NAND flash memory capacities.

The MQ02ABD100H SSHD offers 1TB in storage capacity in a drive 9.5mm high, while the MQ02ABF050H has capacity of 500GB in a 7mm high form factor. Toshiba says the SSHDs are suitable for high-performance PCs, such as gaming models and for business users.

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The company says the new range of storage devices perform better than traditional HDDs due to the inclusion of flash memory used as the secondary cache during data transfer. NAND controller function is held within the main HDD controller chip, which is an improvement on previous Toshiba models which do not have all-in-one system on chip (SoC) technology.

In May, Toshiba predicted its memory unit will account more than half of the company's profit in the fiscal year ending March 2015. The firm's flash memory and power grid unit had gained traction as mobile technology has grown, and the development of products based on flash memory technology is likely to help the firm reach revenue goals.

The new SSHD range will ship from February.

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