Toshiba rolls out latest cloud client manager

Toshiba's new cloud service helps IT administrators manage mobile devices in real time without investing in servers and dedicated management software.


Toshiba's Digital Products Division announced the debut of the Toshiba Cloud Client Manager, a cloud-based service designed to simplify the management of enterprise mobile devices in real time.

Company officials said the new service supports mixed product and operating system environments, providing consistent and continuous access to data and applications from PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

"Toshiba Cloud Client Manager delivers smart, secure and reliable enterprise-level technology all through the cloud, using a standard web browser, ensuring that IT administrators can keep their business on the leading edge, without investing in extra servers and software," Patrick Mani, vice president of sales for Toshiba America Information Systems, said in a statement.

The new service's patch management function automatically identifies software updates as they're released by vendors and applies them for each device, giving administrators "more agile" endpoint management from a single, intuitive user interface that can be accessed online.

It also provides power management and HDD health monitoring features and additional modules will eventually include IT asset management, software management and a mobile device manager.