Toshiba trots out faster Pocket PC

The e750 arrived in the UK on Monday, with a faster XScale processor and better screen than its predecessor, according to testers

Toshiba released its latest Intel XScale-powered Pocket PC handhelds, the e750 and e350, in the UK on Monday, to a good reception from ZDNet labs. The high-end e750 is an update of the earlier e740, one of the first XScale-based handhelds, but is improved by a faster processor, more memory and a better screen, according to tests. The e350 is powered by the same PXA255 Applications Processor as the e750, but is aimed at more price-conscious buyers.

(See ZDNet UK's full review: Toshiba Pocket PC e750.)

The e750 is now available for £499 (inc. VAT), according to Toshiba. The e350 will arrive on 18 April for £249 (inc. VAT).

Like the e740 (see review here), the e750 runs on the Pocket PC 2002 operating system and includes built-in Wi-Fi connectivity -- the increasingly popular 802.11b wireless LAN technology. It has a 3.8-inch TFT colour display, 32MB flash ROM and 64MB of RAM, plus an additional 32MB non-volatile flash ROM for data backups, a feature the reviewers found useful for safeguarding data and applications.

The device has both CompactFlash and Secure Digital expansion slots, and an optional expansion pack allows connections to an external projector, monitor or keyboard. An optional high-capacity battery for the 196g device extends the operation time between recharges.

The e350 is 12.4mm thick compared with the e750's 16.9mm, and weighs less than 150g. It lacks Wi-Fi and CF expandability, but has wireless infrared and optional Bluetooth connectivity, as well as an SD card slot.

Reviewers were impressed by the e750's new screen, which was found to be much brighter and more uniform than on the previous model, as well as the performance of the built-in Wi-Fi and the device's considerable battery life. The faster processor also meant a noticeable improvement in some areas, particularly application launching. One downside was the unit's "spartan" package of applications.

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