Toshiba's ZL2 television offers glasses-free 3D on a 55-inch screen

Glasses-free 3D doesn't come cheap with Toshiba ZL2 television, which will sell for €7,999.

Let's face it--3D pretty much stinks. But while there are lots of consumers who don't want the technology foisted upon them every time they try to buy a new television, manufactures aren't giving up.

The latest attempt is the ZL2 television from Toshiba. With a 55-inch Quad-HD 3,840 X 2,160 resolution screen, the ZL2 is, in a word, massive. But there is more to the ZL2 than meets the (probably bleeding) eye.

In particular, the display's most interesting feature is its 3D, if only because of the fact that the technology is supplemented by face-tracking. Using face-tracking the ZL2 adjust its visuals to create the optimal image for the faces it detects. Toshiba says that the ZL2 can display 3G images for up to nine pairs of eyes. (LG's D2000 monitor does something similar, albeit on a smaller scale.)

Unsurprisingly, all of that wonder comes with an equally jaw-dropping price. Toshiba is attaching a €7,999 ($11, 424) price tag to the display, which makes it the latest in what is probably a long line of things you can't afford. But boy is it neat.