Totvs surpasses SAP in the Brazilian SME market

The enterprise resource planning provided by the Brazilian company is the first choice for smaller companies

Small and medium enterprises in Brazil have been choosing to buy local enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems by Totvs as opposed to global alternatives such as SAP and Oracle, according to a recent study on business application use in 2013 and 2014.

About 52 percent of Brazilian companies with up to 170 computers are a Totvs house, according to an annual study on corporate IT use by Brazilian business school Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV).

Oracle and SAP occupy the second position in the ranking for that specific bracket, with 9 percent of market share each. Other vendors including Infor, QAD and StarSoft are represented in the remaining 17 percent.

Totvs is also a market leader for the companies with 170-700 machines, with a market share of 41 percent, followed by SAP with 24 percent.

The study suggests that SAP is only a market leader amongst large-size organizations in Brazil, with 52 percent of the ERP market in the segment. In that bracket, 21 percent of businesses have chosen Oracle and 20 percent use systems provided by Totvs, with the remainder supplied by other vendors.

Data published in 2013 by Gartner on the global ERP market ranks SAP as a leader with 24.6 percent of the market and Oracle with 12.8 percent. Brazil-based Totvs ranks sixth with approximately two percent of the global market, which totaled $24.5bn in 2012.