Touchy-feely GUI from NeoPlanet

Bored of the GUI desktop you're using to view these choice news gems? NeoPlanet has a solution.

NeoPlanet this week launched the latest version of its Internet desktop software, which it promises will be the most touchy-feely surfing application ever made.

NeoPlanet 5.0 merges web browsing, email, instant messaging, customisable interface schemes, content channels, chat and virtual communities into a single desktop interface. It's cute, it's simple, but best of all it's free, and you can download it today from NeoPlanet's site.

Drew Cohen, CEO of NeoPlanet claims that by integrating popular features previously only available to consumers as separate applications, NeoPlanet 5.0 represents a milestone on the Internet. This claim may be just a little grandiose, but with two million NeoPlanet fans worldwide to date, the package is surely worth a look.

Key Features

  • Intuitive channel navigation with direct links to over 1,000 web sites .

  • Instant messaging chat and virtual communities by Valent Software

  • "Friends" and "Clubs" -- integrating user created public and private web communities with real-time communication .

  • Enhanced email with preview pane and filters .

  • Multi-user profiles .

  • Skins that allow users to make an "Internet Fashion" statement

  • Macromedia Flash 4.0 .

  • Enhanced search, including MP3 search .

  • Beta support for Netscape's "Gecko" browser "engine"