Toys R Us to sell the Kindle, Office Max gets the Nook

Both OfficeMax and Toys R Us are joining the eReader party.

It seems that every retailer wants a piece of the growing eReader pie. In a bit of a head-scratching move, Toys R Us will begin selling Amazon's Kindle eReader on July 31st. The chain will sell a good variety of the Amazon eReader, including the Kindle 3G and Kindle Wi-Fi with Special offers.

Slightly more understandable is OfficeMax's announcement that that will sell Barnes and Noble's Nook eReader starting July 30th. The chain's offerings will include both the Nook Touch and Nook Color and come as OfficeMax moves to expand its technology section.

This is the point where we speculate which chain will be the next to sell an eReader. 7-Eleven perhaps?