Trakkies prevent item loss before it happens

Trakkies brings the Internet of Things to all of your valuable objects and stops you losing your stuff.

There are many gps locators, finders and trackers around which are great at finding your lost items -- after you have mislaid them. We want smart trackers which tell us we are about to forget something -- before we move out of the vicinity.

Trakkies prevent item loss before it happens ZDNet

Amsterdam based Trakkies aims to make your objects smart through intelligent nodes. Each trakkie is a small microcomputer, or node that can be attached to any object.

Trakkies prevent item loss before it happens ZDNet

The nodes have sensors to ensure that the objects they are attached to can talk to each other in real time via a Bluetooth 4.2 mesh network.

The the nodes pass on received signals, thereby increasing the range. If a user moves too far from the objects, a notification will be received on the phone or on any node. The nodes work autonomously.

You create your own personal network of items you carry around with you. The Trakkies form a network of your things and communicate with each other. Users can give the object a profile and priority.

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Your keys could be made high priority with other objects such as your backpack or your notebook, a lower priority.

If one item is left behind and other items in the group are paired and moving, the user will receive an alert on the phone or on any of the nodes.

The system can be configured and will learn your working patterns.

It can learn not to alert you if you leave your work laptop behind at the weekend, or it can switch to low energy node during your quiet times at night.

You can define scenarios for where your objects are supposed to be at particular times, see where your items last were and where they are located relative to other items you own.

You can even leave messages on your items to communicate with your friends.

Trakkies prevent item loss before it happens ZDNet

The tags will be available in two sizes: micro, which works with an extended range up to 180m, and tagg which is designed to be "small and affordable".

Your smartphone becomes part of your network and a device will alert you when you are about to leave your phone behind.

Backers have pledged over $64,000 for Trakkies Kickstarter campaign. Bringing the Internet of Things into trackables is the next logical step for tagging devices like Trakkies. Intelligent communication between objects enables us to stay connected to the objects we value most.

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