TrapX lures former FireEye exec to take the helm

The former FireEye executive will lead the company in developing ways to combat APTs, Zero days and new, advanced threats.

Former FireEye executive Gregory Enriquez is taking over deception-based cybersecurity defense firm TrapX.


Effective immediately, Enriquez will serve as chief executive officer for cybersecurity firmTrapX, which specializes in the detection of threats in real-time on corporate networks.

The company has developed the DeceptionGrid platform, which automates the deployment of camouflaged malware traps which slot in with IT resources to set off alerts, isolate malware and send assessments to security teams.

Enriquez will also be joining the TrapX Security Board of Directors.

The newly-appointed TrapX CEO said in prepared remarks:

"During the course of a year we have seen over one billion data records compromised and over $1 billion stolen by hackers. Current cyber security defense solutions are clearly not enough to meet the increasing wave of advanced and deadly cyber attacks.

TrapX's unique ability to detect and deter attackers once they have penetrated an organization's network brings compelling value for our customers and partners and complements their existing security solutions. TrapX provides a new layer of defense to defend against targeted attacks. I am confident we can grow our leadership position in the cyber-security market."

Prior to accepting the role of TrapX CEO, Enriquez worked as vice president of sales at FireEye. The executive also served as vice president of worldwide sales at FireEye's Mandiant, a cyberforensics firm which serves Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and police departments, among others. Enriquez has also worked at Symantec and IBM, and has over 30 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry.

TrapX serves over 2000 commercial and government customers worldwide.

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