Trash your iPhone (Green Gadget of the Week)

New eco-friendly case for iPhone 4 models is made out of rice husk by-products and recycled post-consumer plastics.

If you go through iPhone cases like I do, you might be interested in this newly available case from Miniwiz made out of "100 percent trash" that you can buy for slightly less than $25.

The product, which fits iPhone 4, is called Re-case. It is made out of rice farming by-products that have been reprocessed into a material called Polliber. The rice husks have been added to post-consumer thermoplastics to create this material, which is itself recyclable.

As you can see from the photo above, the case comes in a bunch of different colors, and it has a shape that is unique from what I've seen on the market in the past. The company describes this as the "ripple design," which it touts for its ergonomic features.

(Image courtesy of Miniwiz)