Travel Tech Q&A: FrontRange Solutions' John O’Brien

John O'Brien, vice president of APAC at FrontRange Solution, talks about what tech he likes to use while travelling abroad.

What tech do you travel with and why?

I move around Asia a lot, so a basic power adapter plug is essential. I also have a range of broadband USB devices and SIM cards; these are cheaper than paying roaming rates.

What tech do you miss from home?

Consistent and cheap access to a network, a printer, and yes, the family TiVo — even my wife loves it.

What tech do you love abroad, where, and why?

Some of the large displays in Tokyo, which are simply amazing.

What's your favourite phone app for travelling and why?

It would have to be the Maps app on my iPhone — walking through Asian cities and trying to find addresses can be quite challenging.

Most memorable travel story/experience

Funnily enough, my most memorable travel experience was with the Harbourview Hotel in North Sydney. I got to the front desk at close to 10 p.m. one evening after a gruelling day. The person behind the desk looked at me and said, "Have you had anything to eat today?" and in response, I mumbled "no." Within minutes they had gone to the kitchen and got me a plate of food, served with a glass of wine, and sat me down. One remembers kind acts, as well as a great welcome. I love that place.

Personal travel advice/tip?

Drink plenty of water and eat light, if you can. Avoid alcohol, even if it is freely available in lounges and on planes, because it slows you down.

How do you deal with jet lag?

For long haul flights, I always try and stay awake during the day that I arrive, and eat protein the same evening — again a small amount. Make sure the room is dark, and have a good alarm regime. Go for a walk outside in your new environment and remember to talk to the concierge before you leave your hotel.

What is your one must-have piece of tech when travelling? What you never leave home without.

Eye shades — it is very low tech, but if you can sleep, you will be in much better shape.

Is there one thing you must do before you leave home?

Kiss my wife — even if she is cranky.

What was your last tech purchase?

A robot vacuum cleaner — the jury is still out.

Favourite site to use while travelling? This site shows people's homes that they are renting/leasing — it gives a greater insight into how people live in different places.

Which airport would you prefer to be stranded at and why?

I would love to be stuck at the Qantas First Class Lounge in Sydney — the food and service is stunning, and if I had time, I would go to the spa as well. Brisbane airport wouldn't be bad either, as I could walk home.


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