Trend Micro to protect cloud servers

An updated version of Deep Security includes features aimed at virtualised servers hosted in third-party datacentres, including support for VMware's VMsafe API
Written by Matthew Broersma, Contributor

Trend Micro has updated its flagship Deep Security product to protect cloud-based servers, arguing that the shift to remotely hosted, virtualised infrastructure has created risks not addressed by existing security techniques.

In particular, servers hosted in datacentres with multiple tenants can be exposed to risks from within the datacentre, the company said.

"With cloud computing, servers, like laptops before them, are moving outside the security perimeter and can be co-located with unknown and potentially malicious servers," said Thomas Miller, executive general manager of Trend Micro's enterprise business unit, in a statement.

Trend Micro's Deep Security 7.0, announced on Monday for availability in November, is one of the first to use VMware's VMsafe API, which allows security technology to be integrated directly into the hypervisor. McAfee, Symantec and others have also announed plans to support VMsafe.

Deep Security is intended to provide both operating system and application security, Trend Micro said. The features include a deep packet inspection engine with intrusion detection and prevention; web application protection; network-level application control; firewall; integrity monitoring; and log inspection.

The software can work with both physical and virtual systems using server-based software agents, and it provides virtual security appliances specifically designed for VMware VI3 and vSphere 4 environments.

Deep Security 7.0 also adds event tagging, for simplified security incident handling. In addition, it includes the ability to create a "known good state", which can reduce false-positive alerts resulting from normal system updates, such as patching.

Deep Security can be used in conjunction with Trend Micro's ServerProtect and Core Protection for Virtual Machines, the company's anti-malware products designed respectively for physical servers and VMware virtual servers.

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