Tribridge parlays Microsoft ISV skills into burgeoning cloud apps business

A close services partner of both Microsoft and Cornerstone, the Florida-based integrator boasts expertise in cloud-enabling specialized applications.

Sure, it's super important that Tribridge in Tampa, Fla., is a highly regarded Microsoft Dynamics integrator: in July 2013, it was named "Outstanding Partner of the Year" for the fourth time in six years. And that it's ranked in the top half of an annual ranking of top technology services firm.

And that it earned similar honors from Solver, a business intelligence ISV, in March 2014.

And that it has completed hundreds of deployments since 2008 that hinge on Cornerstone OnDemand, the talent management platform. One of its customers is jewelry company Pandora, which uses the platform for employee training and development. 

For me, what makes the 16-year-old solution provider's cloud solutions portfolio even more interesting are the industry-specific business management tools it has built for clients such as health care providers, law firms and consumer products companies that it has chosen to deliver via private cloud infrastructure. In short, Tribridge quickly graduated from a technology services firm dedicated to integrating and deploying partner solutions to one that can meld those services with its own unique applications.

Those ready-to-deploy offerings, branded under the Concerto Cloud Services name, build on top of Tribridge's long-time Microsoft development background. For Tribridge customers, they take some of the hard work out of integration, said Greg Pierce, vice president of Concerto Cloud Services. "To be able to outsource this skill set is extraordinarily important for many companies," he said.

Pierce points to the example of a London-based company that wanted the business agility offered by public cloud infrastructure without the compliance headaches, or the potential lack of control. "We gave them the ability to scale up or down on their own schedule. We also had an operational support system using ITIL that fit right in with their processes from a change management perspective. We spoke their language," he said.

Tribridge's experience in cloud-enabling applications actually has compelled other software developers to approach it for help, and these days it is forming partnerships more frequently with other ISVs.

"Our model is to help them move their entire business," Pierce said. That includes help with marketing and sales enablement, billing and compensation strategies.

Overall, Tribridge recorded a 120 percent revenue increase for its cloud services during 2013, he said. Approximately 45 percent of the company's new business went toward cloud-related solutions. "We are past the early mover and adopter phase," Pierce said.