Trifacta deepens Tableau integration for easier Hadoop data visualizations

Trifacta announced Trifacta Data Transformation Platform 1.5, making Tableau visualizations of Hadoop data easier.


Trifacta, a data processing platform, announced on Thursday, August 28, the release of Trifacta Data Transformation Platform 1.5 and deeper integration with Tableau, a company that provides enterprise data visualization tools.

The platform update is an effort to bridge the gap between Hadoop data outputs and the data analysis and visualization tools offered by Tableau. Data transformations done through Trifacta can now be written directly to Tableau data extract format or registered with Hadoop’s HCatalog to give users a better idea of related data in the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

"We believe that accessing and analyzing data should be simple, intuitive and fast for everyone. With the proliferation of big data, we’re seeing the growing need for this same type of self-service experience on Hadoop. Trifacta provides Tableau users with an intuitive Data Transformation Platform for Hadoop so they can more efficiently transform and analyze common data formats in Hadoop such as text and JSON,” said Dan Jewett, vice president of product management at Tableau.

Once big data sets are collected they must first be processed, which usually involves cleaning, structuring, and organizing the data before it can be analyzed. Data stored in Hadoop is typically considered raw, or semi-structured, and often requires more processing before it can be analyzed or visualized by a platform software such as Tableau.

"The partnership between Trifacta and Tableau is a breakthrough in the ease with which business analysts, data scientists and data engineers can work with data through the entire data pipeline," said Ping Li, a venture capital investor at Accel Partners. "With this integration that's now available between Tableau and Trifacta, users get the ability to write the output of Trifacta data transformations directly to a Tableau Data Extract format which will enable Tableau users to manipulate an entirely new set of raw data sources previously not fit for analysis in Tableau." 

Trifacta's other strategic partners include Hortonworks, Cloudera, and Pivotal.