Trio of vendors to supply ECM-as-a-service to NZ government

Cloud-based enterprise content management service is expected to improve agencies' ability to manage information and improve decision making.
Written by Rob O'Neill, Contributor on

New Zealand’s Government chief information officer, Colin MacDonald, has launched a further all-of-government service – cloud-based enterprise content management as a service.

MacDonald said the new service will help agencies create better public services by improving their ability to create, store, share, protect and manage their digital information.

“This will help us to unlock the value of the information held across government to design and deliver new services and support evidence-based policy-making,” he said.

The launch comes just weeks after the debut of an all of government desktop service and is part of a large programme of similar rollouts under the Government ICT Strategy and Action Plan to 2017 announced in June.

New Zealand firm Intergen has been selected for the ECMS supplier panel alongside international companies Team Informatics and Open Text.

MacDonald said privacy was a key consideration during the procurement.

“ECMS allows agencies to set and control who has access to information stored in the ECMS; this information can be audited by each agency.” 

An office productivity service that will standardise agencies’ approaches to email is expected soon.

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