Tripr app helps you plan who to meet with on your trips

Tripr is a new social app that connects people heading to the same place -- at the same time.

The Tripr app for Android and iOS lets you see and match with travellers who will be in the same place at the same time as you. You can also connect with locals who know their city to meet up or ask advice.

Tripr app helps you plan who to meet with on your trips ZDNet

Tripr users input their upcoming trips to seek out like-minded travellers -- whether they are heading to a weekend at a festival, a yoga retreat in Goa, a business trip to Berlin or a training workshop in Beijing.

The London- based company hopes that Tripr will be the social app for travellers.

The London-based company claims that its social app is "unique" because it "connects people, not in terms of where they are, but in terms of where they will be".

The app was created by three Oxford university graduates who wanted to know which of their friends would be attending the Glastonbury music festival in the UK.

Tripr app helps you plan who to meet with on your trips ZDNet

Users can see which of their Facebook friends have been to a particular location.

They can connect with others who are going to the same destination, ask advice, find popular travel destinations and the best times to go.

They can also get advice from their Facebook friends who have already been to a place.

Input your trip details and the app will show you other travellers who will be in the same place as you.

Tripr app helps you plan who to meet with on your trips ZDNet

You can see their bios, interests and mutual friends so you can connect up with similarly minded people.

Users can plan who they will cross paths with, whether that be a connection on a business trip, a local who can take them off the beaten path, or a friend who happens to be in the same area.

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App usage is growing, with 3 thousand new users joining in the past month.

Nick Green, CEO of Tripr said: "The reception to our iOS version has been incredible.

We hope the Android version will allow others to enjoy the benefits of connecting with like-minded travellers, festival-goers, or simply locals from the area.

Our mission as a company is to change the landscape of travel for the better -- to bring people from across the globe together to share in the joys of discovery."

Tripr has been released on Android in time for the summer season, and iOS.

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