'Trojanized' Steamy Window targets Android phones

A low-risk Trojan that piggybacks on a legitimate app to build mobile botnets and send text messages is targeting Android devices, according to Symantec.

Symantec has identified a botnet-building Android Trojan that hackers can use to send out text messages from a compromised smartphone.

The Trojan, which Symantec has named Android.Pjapps, piggybacks on versions of a legitimate phone app called Steamy Window that are available on unregulated mobile app marketplaces. Once a malicious version is downloaded to a phone, it sends the subscriber ID, line number and other personal information to hackers and communicates with the hacker's server to receive instructions.

"The aim of Android.Pjapps is to build a botnet controlled by a number of different Command and Control (C&C) servers," Symantec said in a blog post on Monday. "Among other things, it is able to install applications, navigate to websites, add bookmarks to your browser, send text messages, and optionally block text message responses."

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