Troubleshoot Microsoft for real! - Online gaming beta

Blow those Microsoft bugs into space-dust with latest online Beta missions

Microsoft comes in for a lot of stick thanks to its almost daily software glitch patch posts, but when it comes to online gaming, you can be the beta tester, and really shoot-down those pesky bugs!

Microsoft has scheduled the release of its multi-player space combat game, Allegiance, for Spring 2000, but wants your help scouting out any troublesome bugs in the code.

Developed by Microsoft Research and published by the MSN Gaming Zone, Allegiance is an on-line only game. MS is calling for recruits to test-drive the various ships in the shoot 'em up and to report any coding turbulence they find on the way. The company expects users to encounter such galactic problems as server crashes and terminated games, and will make updates as and when these baddies are reported to Microsoft HQ.

Microsoft also welcomes suggestions to improve the software and gaming experience. Microsoft open to suggestions? Maybe outer-space will unveil a brave new world...

Will you pilot one of Microsoft's un-tested space-ships and bolder go where no beta tester has gone before? Tell the Mailroom