Trueey, the iOS app "more anonymous" than Whisper

If you are sick of confrontation or like to hide behind anonymous comments then Trueey might be the app you are looking for. But is anything truly anonymous these days?

Twitter and Facebook have been the perfect place to get trolled if you dare to post an opinion that the world does not like. Politics, religion or sex can have people weighing in to crush your opinion if they do not agree with you.

Trueey, the iOS app more anonymous than Whisper ZDNet

Los Angeles CA based Mark My Words has developed Trueey for iOS. The app gives users "the freedom to post whatever they want", and the ability to track the percentage of users that "agree or disagree" with each statement.

Trueey, the iOS app more anonymous than Whisper ZDNet

The app claims to "save your status and your sanity" by sharing your "truest" thoughts anonymously.

Founder Avi Ahdoot wanted to create a platform to allow users to speak freely and honestly.

He felt that we live in a world "where the pressure of political correctness is in full force, crashing on people's livelihood".

Ahdoot thinks that "honesty has become a rare commodity". The app aims to give "users a platform to speak their own truths, without the consequences of doing so on traditional social media platforms".

Trueey, the iOS app more anonymous than Whisper ZDNet

The app lets users post ideas, swipe yes or no to agree or disagree.

You can run polls with the focus being on complete freedom of speech and privacy protection.

Users can "share that taboo, thought, or ask an anonymous question without being tracked".

The app interface is simple. See a statement, agree or disagree with a swipe. You do not need to register an account, or log in.

So how does this free app monetise itself? There does not seem to be a structured revenue model for this anonymity. But hidden in the small print on the site, the reason is clear.

The app collects data by giving you a unique ID when you install the app which is mapped to your IP address and operating system.

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The system queries your hardware model, unique device identifier and mobile network information.

It also collects information about your location if you ask a location-based question.

Mark My Words will sell this information if it sells the company.

It will give up your user ID if asked by legal parties. It will share your information in order to finance its business.

In short, your anonymous actions are a data gathering opportunity by the app owners to sell your data to the highest bidder.

All under the guise of social "anonymity".

Allowing the world to open their eyes to how people really feel about things, when there are no social pressures involved might seem anonymous enough.

But will you ever feel truly anonymous anywhere across the social web?

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