Tuesday's one more thing: a Bluetooth and voice-enabled iPod nano

Guest blogger Garett Rogers goes out on a limb to predict that Apple will announce a voice-enabled Bluetooth iPod nano. I want one of these so bad!

A guest blog by Garett Rogers:

Granted, this is a little out there, but it's still fun to dream, right?

There has been lots of speculation around what will be launched on October 4th. It's almost certain that it will be iPhone 5 -- but that's not everything. People were speculating that they will be releasing multiple phones -- that's crazy talk.  That said, we're in for a classic "one more thing" at this event and here's what we will see:

The iPod nano has been going through some big changes recently -- you might find it interesting that the current generation iPod nano looks quite similar to the image announcing the event.

And do you remember the new killer feature on iPhone 5 that was leaked? "Assistant" they are calling it? Yep, it will be accessible through your nano -- which is also.... a watch! Dick Tracy really isn't looking all that crazy anymore.

Of course, it will be Bluetooth enabled, and can communicate with your phone -- You can make phone calls from your wrist, read your text messages, check out your calendar, update your to-do list.  All of this without taking your phone out.  All your stuff is stored in the cloud -- so even if you don't have your phone with you, you're covered.  iCloud will take care of you.

"Send text to Johnny saying I will be late for lunch, so order without me" ** BLING ** New Text Message

beep beep boop -- you are reading or listening to your text message from your wrist or over your headphones that are connected to the phone in your pocket.

"Phone Johnny" beep beep boop, you are now talking to Johnny over your headphones that are plugged into the phone in your pocket.

Best of all -- for Apple -- people who bought their iPhone 4 won't be too upset when they realize they don't have to upgrade their phone so soon.  That's right -- both iPhone 4 users, and the people who are ready for iPhone 5 will be equally happy about this new product... and will definitely shell out $149 for it.