Turkish Airlines: Pitch your startup idea at 40,000 feet

Turkish Airlines wants to give busy investors time to hear startup pitches.
Written by Tyler Falk, Contributor on

Your next startup idea might be pie in the sky, but maybe when investors are flying at 40,000 feet they'll recognize its brilliance.

Turkish Airlines' new Invest on Board program allows business class passengers to find investment-worthy startups through the in-flight entertainment. The idea is that investors are busy people. Unconnected flights could provide them time to consider investment opportunities. And for startups, they could get the undivided attention of a potential investor. eTohum will run the program and choose startups to feature. Currently, there are 11 startups, mostly from Turkey, featured (watch their pitches here).

According to Skift, Turkish Airlines hasn't officially started showing the startup pitches on flights but plans to soon.

For now, startups wanting to get their pitch in front of Turkish Airlines passengers can apply here.

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