Turkish hackers go on defacement rampage

Turkish hackers go on defacement rampage by hacking 38,000 sites in a single shot using automated hacking tools.

Two Sony websites were hacked yesterday by a Turkish hacker (thanks to Roberto Preatoni of Zone-H.org for heads up and explanation).  The two site URLs are:

As of 12:30 AM Pacific Standard time on the USA west coast, the handy work is still there for all to see.  The very same hacker hit Sony music in Europe 9 days ago.  Fortunately for Sony, these kinds of hacks are more of a statement than malicious activity but it’s usually a lot more damaging as far as public relations is concerned.  Many companies would actually rather have something stolen than appear on Zone-H.org.  A lot of companies get posted on Zone-H.org and beg the site to take them off and claim it was a mistake, but everything has been programmatically verified and it’s almost never a mistake.

Less than two weeks ago, another Turkish hacker hacked a record 38,000 websites in one shot using automated tools to attack sloppy ASP coding.  According to Zone-H.org statistics which showed that platforms don't matter but implementation does, file inclusion (typically sloppy ASP or PHP coding) is the most likely way to get hacked.