Turn an old iPod touch or iPhone into a WiFi security camera

A free iOS app turns any iDevice into a free, wireless security camera that records and streams video via the cloud and allows you watch it remotely in real-time.

Turn an old iPod touch or iPhone into a WiFi security camera - Jason O'Grady

I take my family's physical security very seriously and as a result, I'm a big fan of remote monitoring and home automation.

I previously used ArcherFish Solo cameras but have since replaced them with DropCams – and I can't wait for Canary to go into production. I also dig Twine, NestHue and innovative trackers like Tile , Fobo and Trackdot.

Back to cameras for a second though. The problem with them is twofold, 1) the hardware can be expensive, and 2) there's a recurring cost for the service. But you're in luck, I've got the answer to both problems and you can have a wireless, network-enabled camera for nothing, at least while it's in beta. 

Manything is an innovative new service that turns your iOS 5+ device  (including that old iPod touch or iPhone collecting dust in a drawer) into a free WiFi video camera. The Manything iOS app (free, App Store) records and streams video via the cloud to your manything.com account and allows you watch it remotely in real-time, view recorded sessions and make and share clips.

Compatible devices include:

  • iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5
  • iPod Touch 4th and 5th generation
  • iPad 2,3,4
  • iPad mini

If you have an unused iOS 5 device around, that solves problem 1 above. The second problem (the recurring fee for the service) is also covered because the Manything service is free during the beta period. After that, pricing for the storage is reasonable: 1GB is free, 3GB is $3 per month, 10GB is $8 per month, and 50GB is $15 per month. 

The service includes:

  • Live monitoring
  • Sound & movement detection
  • Unlimited devices
  • Clip sharing

A great use for an old iOS device that you might have laying around. 

What do you use for security cameras? 


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