Turn your iPad mini into a tiny MacBook with the Brydgemini

The littlest iPad can be a tiny workhorse if paired with a good keyboard. One of the best for the iPad Air is now available for the iPad mini.


The BrydgeAir keyboard for the iPad Air and Air 2 is the best accessory for those tablets. It impressed me when I reviewed it and I find the iPad Air 2 in a BrydgeAir to be a solid work system. The folks at Brydge have produced a similar accessory for the iPad mini. The Brydgemini features the same unibody aluminum construction making it light (300g) and durable.

Like its larger sibling, the Brydgemini has two hinges into which the iPad mini is inserted. It is easy to remove the iPad to use without the keyboard.

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Closed it forms a little clamshell for transport that can be opened just like a laptop. The hinges support 180 degrees of rotation so the screen can be positioned as needed.

The keyboard has surprisingly large keys that spread all the way to the edge of the unit to take advantage of the space available. It is precisely sized to fit the iPad mini. While cramped, it is possible to touch type on good keyboards for the iPad mini and the Brydgemini is no exception.

The little keyboard from Brydge is a shrunken version of the BrydgeAir but lacks one feature. There are no Bluetooth speakers in the mini, probably due to size constraints. The Brydgemini pairs with the iPad mini over Bluetooth and charges via an included microUSB cable. The company claims a three-month battery life.

The Brydgemini is available from the company for $129.99 and comes in silver, space gray, and gold. These are the three colors of the iPad mini and should match them exactly.

This accessory is designed for the iPad mini 1, 2, and 3 but not the iPad mini 4 according to the product web site. I've asked when the support for the latest iPad mini 4 will be an option but have not heard from Brydge at the time of publication.