Turn your old Macbook Air SSD into an external drive with the Mercury Envoy

The Mercury Aura upgrade kit and Envoy enclosure offer Macbook Air owners an easy way to upgrade their SSDs. Price, however, may be a concern.

As swift as solid state drives are, they tend to falter in the space realm.

Which is why Other World Computing's Mercury Aura Pro is such a sight for weary eyes. With the kit, Macbook Air owners can upgrade a tiny SSD to a substantially larger 480GB version. 

Alongside the upgrade kit, OWC is also offering the Envoy, a 1.5-ounce encolsure that allows users to convert their old SSDs into standalone external drives. What's really neat about the device is that it's just about as slick as the Macbook Air itself, which is helpful for those who are more style conscious. OWC also offers the Envoy by itself for $48. 

The only problem is, well, price: On the low end, a 180GB drive with 3GB/s speeds will run for $248. At $779, the high end 480GB drives runs for nearly the price of the low-end Macbook Air itself. But these are SSDs we're talking about, so who's really surprised? 

On the bright side, at least the Envoy isn't Thunderbolt-equipped, as that would spike prices even more.

Via Engadget