Tweak reveals iPad's Facebook app inside iPhone's Facebook app

A little detective work has revealed that the iPad's Facebook app is actually inside the iPhone's Facebook app. What a twist.

While many iPad owners have been waiting a long while for an official Facebook app for the tablet,  the app, as it turns out,  has been here all along - inside the iPhone's Facebook app.

That revelation comes via TechCrunch, which found the iPad version in Version 3.4.4 of Facebook's iPhone app. The discovery was initially made by engineering student Marvin Bernal, who found that, by tweaking a bit of the iPhone app's code, he was able to find a fully-functional iPad-ready version of the app.

This, of course, means that anyone running Facebook for the iPhone can already run Facebook for iPad - with a bit of work. The real question that emerges here, however, is how will this leak affect the official release of the app? It's pretty likely that Facebook will speed up the launch, especially if this is the same version Facebook plans to launch with.

You can find lots of images of the app at TechCrunch.