TWG Tea dips into m-commerce to stir up luxury demand

To better engage and prevent customers from being overwhelmed by its menu of over 800 teas, the Singapore luxury brand has turned to a mobile app as part of a major e-commerce expansion in 2014.

Going mobile and tapping on e-commerce will be key to driving more sales in the luxury market, according to Singapore-based TWG Tea.

There are over 800 options available on TWG Tea's menu. (credit: ZDNet)

"Luxury sales is 5 percent driven by mobile," said Maranda Barnes, TWG Tea's co-founder and director of communications & business development. She was speaking at a media briefing for the launch of the company's mobile app.

The app also helps address various challenges faced by customers, particularly new ones. With over 800 tea selections on the menu, the process of choosing can be a daunting experience for some, explained Barnes. Having the app breaks down the info through extended descriptions and pictures, and makes it more fun to learn, she added.

One of the key objectives is to increase customer interaction . Besides serving up related news and informative videos, the app also includes a search feature that refines results for customers to find what they're looking for, based on preferences such as occasion, type of tea, and taste profile.

The mobile app has been years in the making, according to Barnes. Compilation of photographs of the various tea leaves took three to four years, while development of the app took around a year and cost several hundred thousand dollars, she explained.

TWG Tea is targeting to clock 100,000 downloads for the app by year-end, and has already hit over 10,000 ahead of the official launch this week on iOS and Android.

TWG Tea's mobile app includes a shopping cart feature for delivery orders.

It will be expanding its e-commerce business to serve more overseas markets this year such as with local delivery and  localized apps , where it currently operates in over 10 countries.