Twilio goes for scale with rollout of Copilot, IP Messaging tools

The communication-as-a-service provider rolled out a series of new platform features to kick off its SIGNAL conference.

To kick off its SIGNAL conference Tuesday, communication-as-a-service provider Twilio has rolled out a series of new platform features.

Overall, the features share the central theme of scale.

There's a new API, IP Messaging, which allows developers to build in-app chat between multiple parties between Web and mobile. Additional messaging features of the API include a typing indicator, message read status, topic search and mobile push notifications.

IP Messaging works with the same SDK as Twilio Video, which the company introduced a month ago as a key piece to its communications platform.

Another new service launched today is Messaging Copilot. The service helps developers scale SMS and MMS capabilities by relieving some of the burden associated with provisioning numbers and codes across geographies.

Copilot automatically uses multiple local numbers in the countries Twilio operates in, or multiple short codes where required, to send messages to a larger swath of recipients.

Twilio has also tweaked its conference call service to support larger companies. Twilio says it now offers a global service that supports audio conference calling with up to 250 mobile, landline or VoIP participants in each conference, in addition to an "epic" service that supports calls with 250 or more participants.

Twilio also announced enhancements to Twilio Monitor, its operational monitoring service. New capabilities help IT teams prevent security holes, audit for compliance and track usage.

And finally, Twilio has updated Authy, the API it gained when it purchased the startup of the same name back in February. Twilio used Authy's API to offer embeddable two-factor authentication and phone verification to applications running its cloud-based communications services. The new update gives users the ability to approve a login request from a push notification.