Twitter adds group private messaging and native video to its platform

Twitter has responded to users' requests and is bringing private group messaging and "mobile video camera" to its platform.

Twitter has moved one step closer to the enterprise with just one of its new offerings announced this week.

The microblogging site announced two features that it has added to its platform. It has introduced a "mobile video camera" that enables you to take up to 30 seconds of video natively within Twitter and include in your tweet.

Twitter adds group private messaging and mobile video camera to its platform ZDNet

This means you do not need to use Vine for a six second video, or upload your video to YouTube and add the link to your Tweet.

The app for iPhone and Android means you can capture, use drag and drop to edit and rearrange your clips before sharing them on your stream. Adding native video will enableTwitter to provide analytics for its native videos for users and brands.

Twitter has also announced that it has enabled private group messaging for its users. This functionality lets users send direct messages (DMs) to a group of up to 20 people. Users do not all need to follow one another to have this functionality.

You can already share a public tweet privately to discuss out of the gaze of the Twitter main stream. You can currently share the tweet privately with one other person.

Twitter adds group private messaging and mobile video camera to its platform ZDNet
Twitter /eileenb

To enable the group chat feature all you need to do is to create a group on Twitter. The group members are notified that they have been added to the group. As soon as the group has been created, you can send private direct messages to the group.

You will be able to send images, links and emoji in your DMs. You can invite any user that follows you to join the group. They can also bring their followers into the conversation - even if they are not followed by everyone in the group.

Users that have been blocked by anyone in the group can not join the group message session.

The feature will be rolled out to everyone over the coming weeks and will be available on or via the iPhone or Android app. Group private messaging will also be available on Tweetdeck.

The ability to share private group messages across a restricted set of people will enable teams to work together and discuss topics asynchronously.

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Users will not need to be connected to a corporate instant message system such as Microsoft Lync, Yammer or Cisco WebEx but can access group messages from the Twitter platform.

Google Plus lets you send messages to members of circles guaranteeing that these messages can not be forwarded outside of the original circle.

This move by Twitter brings similar functionality to its platform.

It will now be easy for users who can not access information within the corporate firewall to enjoy secured private messages with their followers.

I expect Twitter to develop more enterprise-like features across its platform to manage confidentiality between its users.

All are moves that will ensure that Twitter's knowledge about its users continues to be honed.

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