Twitter buys native ad firm Namo Media

Namo Media helps app developers add native advertising to mobile apps. Twitter plans to integrate the company's technology into the MoPub platform.


Twitter made another investment in its advertising business with the acquisition of Namo Media, a company that helps app developers add native advertising to mobile apps.

Twitter has been focusing heavily on ramping up its ad business following its purchase of the mobile-focused advertising exchange MoPub last year. Since then Twitter has strived to make ads flow more seamlessly in users' Twitter streams.

Twitter's VP of product Kevin Weil said in a blog post

Since we acquired MoPub last October, we have been working to bring native ads to mobile app publishers in order to create a more seamless and less intrusive ad experience for users. We believe strongly that all app developers large and small should be able to monetize their applications without sacrificing the user experience.

It sounds as though Namo Media will not function autonomously, and instead will integrate into the MoPub platform. Namo Media wrote in its own blog post:

At Twitter we’ll continue to work on building the best native advertising platform for app developers with the goal of continuing to improve the native ad landscape for all mobile app developers.

Combining our technology with MoPub will offer our current and future customers a more powerful platform to generate revenue, all while preserving an amazing user experience.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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