Twitter buys social TV firms Mesagraph, SecondSync

Twitter has purchased a U.K. and Parisian firm which focus on "social" television services.

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Twitter has purchased TV analytics specialists and social TV firms Mesagraph and SecondSync, which suggests that the company may want advertizers and broadcasters to make better use of the microblogging platform for content promotion.

Parisian firm Mesagraph runs the Meaningly platform, which allows users to pull "meaningful insights" from topics being tweeted about in real-time. Mesagraph also offers custom streams and data analytics based on live television broadcasts within the TV ecosystem.

Mesagraph has a number of partnerships which may prove valuable to Twitter, including TV networks Canal+, France Télévisions, M6 and TF1.

In blog post, Mesagraph confirmed the acquisition and said the Twitter platform is "where the vast majority of public Social TV comments happens," and so the deal could provide "an immense source of opportunities for advertisers to reach their audience creatively and efficiently." 

"As part of Twitter, we will be working closely with TV networks, agencies, advertisers, producers and integrators to help those partners make the most out of Twitter. Our team will be joining Twitter UK in London," the firm says.

SecondSync, a U.K.-based firm, also says that it has been purchased by the social network. The company analyzes social media commentary and engagement surrounding television shows. In an announcement, SecondSync said:

"Through our social analytics products, we’ve enabled clients in the broadcast and advertising industries to realise the value of conversations on Twitter about television.

Twitter is the only place that hosts a real-time, public conversation about TV at scale. By joining Twitter, we will be able to help take that experience, in concert with the rest of the TV ecosystem, to the next level -- particularly in markets outside the United States."

Both firms will be based at Twitter's London office over the course of a five-year deal, but no financial details have been released.

The acquisitions are likely to be involved within the Twitter Amplify program, which offers advertizers the chance to use "social TV" in marketing. By acquiring the two companies, Twitter has boosted its portfolio offerings and will be able to offer better metrics and data over how the general public engage with broadcast content.