Twitter for Windows 8, Windows RT now in the Windows Store

Twitter's native client for Windows 8 and Windows RT is available for download, as of March 13.

One of the biggest shortcomings of Windows 8 and Windows RT has been the lack of fully-functioning Twitter clients for the product.


There have been a few different options, including my Windows 7 Twitter-client favorite, MetroTwit, that have debuted for Microsoft's latest operating system. But in my opinion, none of them has worked very well -- for a variety of reasons.

On March 13, Twitter announced the promised native Twitter client for Windows 8 and Windows RT was available for free in the Windows Store. Here's thedownload  link.

The new app includes built-in support for the Windows Share charm, Search charm, Snap view and Live tiles notifications. Here's hoping (as I'm downloading it) that it's good.

If it's not, I've found the Web version of Tweetdeck to be OK.

Twitter recently updated its native Windows Phone 8 client.

I'm curious what other Windows 8 and Windows RT users have found to work for them in terms of Twitter clients.