Twitter launching music service

Just when you thought you could shake your tweeting habit, the bird starts singing.

Just when you thought you could shake the Twitter habit, the bird starts singing.

Trying to shake your addiction to Twitter? Attempting to cut back on music downloads?

Tough luck, cyber junkie!

Twitter is getting into the music business.

By the time you read this, the mega "micro-blogging" company might have officially made the announcement.

At the moment the news and blogosphere are downright chirping away with reports that Twitter will launch an app that allows you to stream music.

Mashable had pulled together information saying that the Twitter app will point to top trending songs from social media and suggest tunes based on your listening habits. Mashable picked up the news from All Things D, which said Twitter will offer iTunes and Soundcloud music clips and music videos from Vevo.

Reports suggest that Twitter is building the app and service from its quiet acquisition last year of Australia's We Are Hunted, which the BBC describes as a music discovery site. The BBC also noted that Twitter yesterday launched a site called, which carries the Twitterish "#music" "hasthtag".

CNET had tipped a lot of this a month ago.

We Are Hunted confirmed the acquisition on its web site, which Twitter pointed to when Mashable asked Twitter if the Twitter music app existed.

By the time he app officially launches, Twitter will have masterfully manipulated journalists and bloggers into writing a lot more than 140 characters on its music foray.

And 200 million Twitter users will have something else to do, in case they were getting bored sending 400 million short messages a day. The tweets will be alive with the sound of music.

Image: Screen grab from #music.


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