Twitter-savvy politician Shashi Tharoor weighs in on India's threat to ban social networks

MP Shashi Tharoor wonders if the High Court is going after the wrong target.
Written by Manan Kakkar, Contributor on

The Indian government's relentless pursuit to ban technology continued when they sided with the Delhi High Court's judgement to hold Facebook, Google and a bunch of other companies liable for obscene content uploaded by users. My colleague Emil Protalinski covered the story on ZDNet's Friending Facebook blog. Responding to a complaint against the companies, a High Court judge threatened to ban social media websites "like in China."

Earlier today India's most social web savvy parliamentarian, Shashi Tharoor made a very intriguing comment on the whole issue. He sent out the following tweet:


Here's why the tweet above is interesting:

Will the courts go after the carriers or OEMs if the phones are used to transmit and access content that they want Indians to not see?

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