Two years hard labour: Korea to move forward with Bill to ban Uber

South Korea is moving to pass a Bill that bans cab service Uber from the country, reports ZDNet Korea's Jaehwan Cho.

Lee No-keun, a member of the ruling Saenuri Party in South Korea, submitted a new Bill that proposes to amend the nation's Passenger Transport Service Act that will allow South Korea to legally ban Uber services.

The new Bill prohibits peddling transport using information technology, and the violation of the law will allow the government to fine Uber up to 20 million won ($18,000) or impose two years of hard labour.

Uber has been criticised by the Seoul city council for obtruding in existing taxi service companies, while also allegedly not insuring the drivers properly, which the company has strenuously denied.

The San Francisco-based app provider has also been targeted by police for violation of existing laws.

The assembly man claimed that Uber is "absolutely illegal" in Korea, and said the company lacks a compensation policy for accidents, charges excessively for its service, and manages its cars poorly.

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