UBank gears up for mobile banking site with beta program

The NAB subsidiary wants to get real feedback from real customers on its upcoming mobile banking site.

National Australia Bank (NAB) subsidiary UBank has opened a private beta program so that customers can have a sneak peak of its upcoming mobile banking site.

The UBank beta page. (Screenshot by Spandas Lui/ZDNet)

Previously, UBank customers who wanted to do banking on their mobile devices had to go through the standard website in their mobile browsers.

The company first flagged that it was to launch a mobile banking platform back in 2010.

UBank invited customers to join the trial with a message on its Facebook page on October 24. Customers who are interested in registering for the beta program can do so through the website.

The company said that it wants to open itself up to feedback during the development stage of the mobile site so it can weed out any bugs and faults more efficiently.

"Feedback, so far, has been positive, with most users saying they like the simplicity and functionality of the site," a UBank spokesperson told ZDNet.

According to UBank's website, the company has included the most commonly used features from, including making payment transfers and viewing transaction history.

UBank has yet to set a date for the official launch of the mobile site.