Uber avoids São Paulo ban

The state court lifted the injunction suspending the rideshare services

The São Paulo state court has lifted an injunction from the local taxi drivers' union calling for the interruption of car hailing service Uber.

Last week, a judge determined the suspension on the grounds that the app flouts competition rules and that the company does not carry out enough safety checks on drivers and vehicles.

Yesterday (4) another judge struck down the injunction, on the grounds that the court had acted out of its purview. The taxi drivers' union said it will seek alternative options.

Under last week's ruling, Uber's ride-sharing services were to be interrupted immediately. Microsoft, Apple and Google were also supposed to suspend downloads for the app and block remote access to the users that already have it. But the services were never interrupted.

The company released a note stating that its services are "fully functioning in Brazil" and added that the lawyers responsible for the lawsuit have utilized the same arguments twice on behalf of two other unions and failed.

"Uber reiterates its commitment with thousands of Brazilian drivers and users that use the platform to earn their livelihoods and get around towns. Innovation brings new safer options of urban mobility," the company adds.