​Uber expands Hong Kong vehicle service with UberCargo

Uber is now offering a car service called UberCargo in Hong Kong to help ferry large items around.

Uber customers in Hong Kong have long been able to select between riding in an UberTaxi or UberBlack, but now the option has been expanded to include UberCargo.

In a blog post, Uber said UberCargo is for customers who require extra boot space, potentially because they need to ferry around extra parcels.

"With UberCargo, a van arrives wherever you want it to be in minutes. You can load your items in the back of the van yourself, or request the driver's assistance if you need an extra hand," it said.

"Deliveries can easily be tracked in real time through the app, the item's location can be shared with the recipient, and you can even ride along with your goods so you'll have ease of mind that your items are safe."

The US-based company also boasts that UberCargo can be used by businesses, as it can "cover on-demand logistical needs without complicated and costly delivery arrangements".

The rollout of UberCargo comes following the service being in beta, according to Uber.

Rates to use UberCargo are calculated based on time and distances, and will also take into account the time it takes to load and unload. Base fares will begin at HK$20, and will then charge HK$1.60 per minute and/or HK$4.50 per kilometre.

While the ride-sharing service continues to expand, where it now operates in more than 200 cities, Uber also continues to face some serious trouble with the law. In New Delhi, Uber was forced to suspend operations after one of its drivers was accused of allegedly raping a woman.

At the same time, a judge in Spain has banned the company from operating in that country.

Authorities in Denmark and Norway have also previously filed complaints against Uber.

Meanwhile, 12 Uber drivers faced legal action in Melbourne, and another 80 drivers were handed infringement notices.