UK Apple users to get ADSL

Only one year after their French neighbours, but better late than never

BTopenworld will next Monday launch a version of its ADSL service for Apple users. The always-on broadband Internet access service will be the same price (£39.99 per month) and speed (500Kbps) as the PC version, said the company.

Mac users will have to own a Power PC 601 or equivalent with the Mac OS 8.6 or higher. Existing BTopenworld users can download the software to configure their Macs from the BTopenworld Web site.

BT is hopeful that the popularity of Macintosh computers in the media industry will mean people find plenty of uses for the content.

"With so many Mac users working in the media industry, we recognise that broadband will be of immense benefit to this group as it makes the transferring of big graphics files, downloading software packages, streaming video and other such things so much easier and quicker," said chief operating officer of BTopenworld, Marc Deschamps, in a statement.

France Telecom announced a similar service in conjunction with Apple for French Mac users last March.

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BT needs to transform itself into a keenly inspired organisation, where marketing and technical people work together to offer new and exciting services to an amazed market. Guy Kewney says -- in reality, what seems to be happening is that a bunch of dyed-in-the-wool civil service bureaucrats are harnessed to an army of jobsworth telegraph-pole monkeys who obstruct any effort made by strategists to make things happen. Go to AnchorDesk UK for the news comment.

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