UK appoints first government CTO

Liam Maxwell is appointed the first CTO for the UK government, responsible for identifying technologies to speed the roll out digital public services.

The UK government has appointed its first chief technology officer (CTO) in a bid to find new technologies that can be used to deliver public services digitally. 

Liam Maxwell appointed as government's new CTO

Liam Maxwell, previously the government deputy chief information officer (CIO), will also continue to oversee overall government IT spend.

"What the CTO appointment signals is a focus on identifying the platforms that will support digital by default ," a Cabinet Office spokesman told ZDNet.

Maxwell was effectively doing the job of a CTO in his former role and this announcement is formalising that position, said the spokesman. Maxwell will not receive a payrise for taking on the role. 

The IT Reform group - responsible for making IT services more efficient across government and directed by Maxwell during his post as deputy CIO - will now become part of the Government Digital Service (GDS). As a result Maxwell will report to GDS executive director Mike Bracken, who is leading the Government's digital transformation agenda.

"Each department already has its own CTO or someone approximating to that role," said government chief operating officer Stephen Kelly in a statement. "Working together, Liam, government CIO Andy Nelson, the CTOs and digital leaders will form a powerful combination to achieve the transition to Digital by Default."