UK firm first to back CD-ROM return to order

A UK firm is among the first to back a new standard aimed at bringing some order and uniformity to the design of CD-ROM programs.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

Launched by trade body the Interactive Multimedia Association, CD Match is a set of guidelines that make it easier for users to learn to spot hardware configuration needed, and to install and use software. Specifically, the scheme details that programs must have a label that clearly shows system requirements; should come with a test utility program; and should be programmed to follow a set of rules on install/uninstall procedures. The initiative follows reports of up to 40 per cent return rates for some titles, especially in the consumer sector.

Staffordshire-based Focus Multimedia has followed the guidelines in its Focus Essential line of SoHo and home titles. "Certainly from the consumer point of view, a lot of people have been having a problem because they hadn't realised they didn't have enough memory, disk space, or even a compatible system," said Lisa Brown, Focus's PR and marketing manager.

Focus Multimedia can be contacted by telephone on 01889-570156.

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