UK head of e-government to be announced soon

Brief: The successor to e-envoy Andrew Pinder should be unveiled before the summer

The identity of the UK's first head of e-government could be known as early as next month, although the successful candidate isn't expected to begin work until the summer.

The appointee will effectively be a chief information officer for the UK, replacing the position of e-envoy. His or her primary responsibility will be to build government services around citizens rather than around departments, and to use technology to improve service delivery.

E-envoy Andrew Pinder said on Wednesday that he expects to leave his post before the end of July. The process of replacing Pinder has already begun, and a shortlist of candidates has just been drawn up. Interviews will take place in May. An announcement could come within the next month, according to one source, as the government is keen that there is as short a gap as possible between Pinder's departure and his successor's arrival.