UK Linux news service launches at London expo

News site for UK Linux administrators, programmers and developers launches

A Web site dedicated to bringing news and information to Linux experts and enthusiasts launches at the Linux Expo 2000 in London Friday.

The site, at, will provide news aimed primarily at Linux administrators, programmers and developers.

Founder of the service Jono Bacon believes that the site will help address a real lack of UK sites dedicated to furthering the cause of the Linux operating system. "The UK has a hotbed of Linux activity present," he says. "But few sites cater for it. LinuxUK brings together the expertise of an Open Source team with the need for UK based Linux content."

LinuxUK will also provide information on UK Linux events, projects and user groups.

Shrinkage may be embarrassing to certain fictional television characters, Evan Leibovitch is not scared of it. In fact, he think's it is inevitable. The commercial Linux landscape a year from now will certainly be different from today's. Go to AnchorDesk UK for the news comment.

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