UK notebook maker AJP raided by thieves

The thieves are back in town.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

UK notebook PC vendor AJP was caught out by villains late last weekend, losing "ten of thousands of pounds' worth of stock". Police said that two other PC makers had very rcently been victims of attempted break-ins in the North Circular road area of London where many UK PC firms have premises.

"On Sunday at 11pm, thieves broke in and snapped telephone and alarm cables, and used sledgehammers to break down the storage room," said Peter Ioannou, managing director of AJP. "They took notebooks, hard drives, CPUs and memory. We're doing our utmost to avoid inconvenience for our customers."

Ioannou added that instead of its usual next-day delivery, two or three days will be the norm while stocks are replenished. The company was fully insured, he added, and will suffer no significant long-term impact.

AJP has taken crime prevention advice from the CID and says it has taken steps to ensure there will be no repeat, but computer hardware remains a popular target for criminals.

"Obviously these are very valuable products and can be sold on quite easily," Ioannou said.

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