UK staff in the dark on blogs

Survey: Despite the potential for high-profile fallout, 94 percent of UK staff have no idea of their firm's policy on blogging

Despite a number of high-profile sackings involving employees who blogged about their employers, it seems most UK workers are unaware of how their bosses feel about blogs.

According to a survey from research firm TNS for hosting company Hostway, 94 percent of UK employees said they hadn't been informed of their employers' corporate policy on blogs.

While employees of Google and Waterstones having been on the receiving end of blog-related P45s, the majority of the public believe that such sackings are unjustified.

According to the research, 64 percent of UK consumers said they don't think firms should be allowed to fire staff who had discussed them in their blogs.

Recently, the Electronic Frontier Foundation launched a guide to corporate blogging to help avoid such employment wrangling.