UK Tech Week: Barbara Roche MP on UK's e-commerce agenda

Barbara Roach MP, Government Under Secretary for small firms, will this afternoon outline what the Department of Trade and Industry describe as "the electronic commerce agenda for the UK".

A DTI spokesman told ZDNet News that Roche would set out the government's vision for turning Britain into a "more knowledge based economy" where "businesses of all sizes need to seize the opportunities offered by the latest communications technologies". The government vision is also set out in a glossy, twenty five page document which states: "We need an electronic commerce framework which gives business certainty while remaining flexible enough to cope with technological and business change, and encourages rather than stifles innovation...Government cannot achieve this alone, we need to work in partnership with other stakeholders."

Barbara Roche is due to speak at 4.30pm. A full report of her keynote address will appear later.