UK to get Compaq CE 2.0 handheld in spring

The UK will get access to Compaq's first Windows CE handheld PC in the spring of 1998. The number one PC vendor said today it will ship its C-Series handheld in the January-March quarter of next year.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

Chief among the C-Series features is its optional 640 x 240 colour screen with two brightness settings; the resolution and settings are also available on the monochrome variant.

Other features include voice recording via an intgral microphone, and what felt like a nice keyboard when the product was shown at the Comdex trade show in Las Vegas last week.

As well as Pocket versions of Microsoft applications, the Compaq uses some apps that have been developed with the C-Series in mind. These include River Run's Mail on the Run remote access e-mail; Pocket Carbon Copy, based on Microcom's communications tool; and CIC's QuickNotes pen jotter and SpellCheck utility .

Pricing for the C-Series is to be announced.

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