UK VP leaves Dell

Two weeks ago, Dell had a VP for the UK and Ireland: Mike Newton. Today, it has no UK boss and headhunters are trying to find a replacement for Newton, who is at home.
Written by Guy Kewney, Contributor

Nobody is prepared to say why. Newton is ex-directory, and "can't say much right now" anyway, according to friends. His former employers have no comment to make. "'No comment' is all I can say, and that's all I know, too," said a spokeswoman.

Meanwhile, the European boss - Jan Gesmar-Larsen, president of Dell Europe - is supposed to be in charge, and Peter Hubbard is described as managing director. But sources inside the company insist that the UK office is in fact under Gesmar-Larsen's control, and a new general manager is sought.

Newton was best known in his previous incarnation as general manager of Apple in the UK. "He's an easy-going, likeable guy, and a good manager, and I simply have no idea why he's gone, whether he jumped or was pushed, or anything."

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