UK WAP travel service goes live

Digital Mobility builds a consumer portal to WAP services

UK based Digital Mobility has this morning announced that its first WAP-delivered travel service has gone live. The service allows users to access data from the online Official Airline Guide (OAG) from a WAP-enabled mobile phone.

Registration at the company's Web site will activate and configure the user's phone via SMS. Users can then access the OAG database by dialling into Digital Mobility's London-based WAPhub. The travel service on the hub is fully operational from today and the company promises that users will experience connection times of less than 10 seconds.

The Web site for registration has not yet gone live but Marcus Talyor, director of products and services said that although the service was "not launched in the strictest sense" the company would provide the gateway IP address and help those lucky enough to already own a WAP phone through the configuration process.

A scrolling menu on the phone's display screen will allow users to select their destination and flight times. This information is sent directly from OAG's database of commercial airline flights. Full transactional functionality, allowing users to book flights from their phones, is expected early next year.

Digital Mobility, which is building its Inhand portal to act as a consumer gateway to WAP services, said that it will introduce financial services, including banking, stockbroking and insurance, by 28 February 1999.